My Gear List: Appalachian Trail Section Hike

With less than three weeks before my section hike on the Appalachian Trail, I have (finally!) finished gathering all the gear I will need for the hike. I may have some last minute additions or deletions, but I feel good with the gear I have for THE BIG hike. I have learned so much from watching other gear videos that I am submitting my own. I am passing on what I have learned from others and adding a few tips I have come up with on my own. My complete gear list is below the video.

My base weight (minus food and water) is just under 14 lbs. Much of the work that has gone into gear selection for this hike has been learning how to pack lighter. When I started hiking six years ago I was carrying a 40 lb. pack. I have enjoyed the challenge of learning how to get my pack lighter without spending thousands of dollars and without giving up too many comforts. After three shakedown hikes this Spring covering 51 miles, I am confident my gear will get me through the Georgia section.

Here is the video:

Here is the complete gear list:

ULA Circuit 43
trashbag liner 5.2
BIAS Weight Weenie Hammock 9
BIAS suspension 4.6
Tarp & stakes 24.6
Coleman 40 deg sleeping bag 35.6
32 oz Coloman solo max pot 5.8
alcohol stove & measuring cup 1
MSR folding spoon 0.4
MSR folding spoon fork 0.4
windscreen & paper clip 0.4
camp soap & scrubbing pad 0.8
2 oz olive oil bottle 2.2
knife, lighter, lanyard 1.4
bowl 1.2
aluminum foil lid 0
Zpacks pack towl & elastic band 1
Smartwool socks 1 pair 1.4
Long sleeve cotton t-shirt 9.5
Nike running shorts 5.2
Frogg Toggs rain jacket 6
Knee brace 3.2
Stick Pic and phone holder 0.8
Sawyer Mini water filter 1.8
1 Liter Sawyer bag 1.2
1 Liter Platypus 0.8
Sawyer backwash syringe 1
headnet 0.8
iPhone, case, charger, earbuds 8
iPod shuffle and charger 0.8
id, insurance & debt card, cash 1
Nite Ize 50′ 2.4 mm cord 2.4
10′ paracord & carabiner 0.8
50′ paracord 3.2
matches 0.1
headlamp 3.4
trail maps 1.6
deck of cards 3.2
iTorch external battery & cord 5.4
4 gallon size ziplocks 1.2
zip ties 0.2
plastic rain kilt 2.6
Outdoor Research food bag 2.6
First aid kit 2.2
Colman biodegradable wipes 3.2
face wipes 0.2
mirror 0.8
hand sanitizer 1.2
toothbrush and toothpaste 0.8
Chapstick 0.2
sunscreen 2.2
insect repellent 1.4
Body glide 2.2
Gold bond 1.2
blue stuff sack 0.8
TOTAL 221.2 13 lbs 13.2 ozs