I missed the NBC series Heroes. We are waiting for it to come out on DVD. I have been thinking about heroes a bit today. We had our first every English/Spanish service this morning and it went well….really good actually. We had a packed house…ran out of bulletins and sermon notes…it was great. We had three songs in English…three songs in Spanish. I preached with an interpreter. All was good, except when I messed up the Good Samaritan story. I had the Samaritan on the road to Jericho….I had to rewind the story and get it right! It was funny, but all worked out.

In the beginning of the sermon, I said that I wanted to talk about my hero. I talked about how some people have heroes who play sports or star in movies or TV, but my hero lived 2,000 years ago. My hero is Jesus.

All of the “hero talk” came from Bob Dylan. In 1987, Dylan began his concert tour in Boston I think. One of the songs he did was “In the Garden.” His 1980 gospel song about Jesus. The lyrics are here: http://www.bobdylan.com/moderntimes/songs/garden.html

Before he started the song, he said:

I’m gonna sing a song about my hero. Everybody’s got their own hero. I don’t know who your hero is, maybe Mel Gibson . . . maybe for some people it’s Michael Jackson . . . or Bruce Springsteen . . . Anyway I don’t care nothing about none of those people. I have my own hero. I’m gonna sing about my hero now.

Who ever said that Bob abandoned his Christian faith?
Here is the video from that 1987 concert. The audio is a bit rough, but it is good. Check it out.